The most transformative two and a half days of my life thus far.
— Isabel Harrison
The breastfest was phenomenal. To be in a room of women and men from all different lifestyles working on one goal was EPIC! I made friends and got new ideas.
— Quarnisha Brown
This Hackathon was full of supportive and talented individuals; thank you for making a women’s event so easy to attend and well organized — I would recommend this event to a friend.
— Hennesys Disla
I am so glad the Breastfeeding Festival and hackathon exists. It gives voice and agency to a community of people who are ready for change.
— Atin Mittra from 'Check with Ellie'
Inspiring, collaborative, festive, and fun! A wonderful example of how individuals can band together to create change.
— Sarah Reyes from Cornell University


Wonderful opportunity to connect with like-minded people across lines of difference to create solutions to breastfeeding barriers for women and families in our country. As a researcher, it was refreshing to do something creative outside of the “ivory tower.
— Dr. Tyra T Gross from Xavier University
This event attracts mainstream attention to cultural absurdities related to breastfeeding (not just pumping) and provides a powerful platform and a safe space to work towards restoring a healthy breastfeeding culture.
— Melanie Scholz
This was a great experience for our organization, we met a lot of wonderful people as well as learned very valuable information that is going to help us succeed in the years to come.
— Natasha Enos from Northeast Mississippi Birthing Project
Mine is simple, I felt like we was rushed and was just taking everyone word over what we had said but I prayed about it and I say let it flow as it may and even know I was so nervous we still made a impact on everyone that seen our project and they seen the love we had for our work and that was a blessing by itself and it was overly great that we won something and our name was first.
— Teffanie Green
The Hackathon was unlike any event I’ve ever attended. It was designed for women/mothers and felt like I belonged in a building that traditionally, I would have felt very on-edge in. Down to the last detail, these small, but intentional designs enabled me to truly come together with other women, and people more broadly for an unforgettable experience!
— Rachel Hanebutt
 Aimee Gilmore’s pieces from the  Art Gallery

Aimee Gilmore’s pieces from the Art Gallery