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Lakisha Cohill

I am Lakisha Cohill, a 32 year old African American Female from Birmingham, AL. I'm more than a photographer, I'm a mother, a friend, a mentor, a motivator, but most importantly I'm a strong woman with a big heart, and a big message who loves telling stories through art. Where I come from there wasn't much beauty, but I was the one that always saw beauty in everything, and wanted to make those beautiful moments last forever, so when I say I literally own the statement I was born for this I mean it lol.

The inspiration behind the Goddess breast feeding shoot was to inspire women all over the world that 1, it's ok to feed your child whenever, wherever, and however you please, and 2 that black women do breast feed. My goal is to show more positive images of strong women, not just women as a wives, sex symbols, or the "typical woman", but to capture beautiful images of us as astronauts, electricians, engineers, judges, coal miners, truck drivers, and breastfeeding in public. I'm just trying to normalize all these things through art, to show the world how great, and beautiful we are, while proving that anything you can do we can do better, because well we were simply made for this.